Customer Reviews

-Very friendly, competent and honest… they are genuinely there to help and not drain you of your money. They only do what they need to and only charge what they have to. Great guys, definitely going back!

– Heather Nov 1 2011

Best shop in town! The guys here were so helpful, they went above and beyond to take care of us. They even looked after a friends car that was at a failing shop near by. Everyone was super friendly and made me feel very comfortable everytime I walked in. Straight forward honest friendly people; I will bring my car here every time I need work in Greeley!

– TikaTaco Oct 28 2011

Auto Repair shops are easy to find in Greeley… but finding a good Auto Repair shop is a little more difficult. I found The Wrench in the beginning of the year and have not gone or plan to go to any other shops. They truly are the best and have been just honest hard working people to me. I even had to have my Transmission worked and thought that I was going to have to take it the dealership or a Transmission shop…nope…The Wrench took care of that too. Seems like they do it all. I promised them I would put a review :) Thanks guys!

– Brent Oct 1, 2011

Best Auto Repair shop in Greeley, easily. I’ve had my car serviced at a lot of the other auto shops and have not had the same great experience like I’ve had with The Wrench. My first visit to their shop was to get an estimate on a somewhat large job that frankly I was trying to find the best deal in town to get it done, hence the shopping around. After their diagnostic on my car, they actually found that it was a smaller problem than what I had been told by three other shops and ended up costing me a fraction of what the other shops had quoted me. Ever since that encounter, I’ve been taking my car to them and have been so appreciative of their honestly, quality work, and on top of that…great prices. Thanks guys, keep up the great work!

– Joe Sept 29 2011

Honest and helpful, the only shop I truly trust in Greeley.

– Kevin Mar 4, 2011

My favorite auto repair shop! Knowledgeable, trustworhy, fair, and honest.  I am always pleased with our experiences with The Wrench.

– Anonymous Oct 24 2010

GREAT MECHANICS, anything you need. This is one great group of guys. Always gets me back on the road and way fair. They care. Call them and see.

– Anonymous Oct 24 2010

Honest Car Shop-  This is one of the best car shops I have ever been to. The staff are incredibly friendly, love to joke around and know what they are doing. They are some of the most honest staff I have ever met. I had to get my transmission replaced and Darren printed me out an invoice as if I had gotten it done there so I could compare prices. I had an unidentifiable sound coming from my engine, and after searching and trying to fix the problem, they didn’t charge me because they couldn’t find anything wrong (it turned out it was so cold that the belt wasn’t staying flexible enough, so it was rubbing the wrong way). You can ALWAYS expect the best customer service with this company. I highly recommend them to anyone, and everyone. Nearly all my friends go there already. They work magic!

– Jacki Oct 19 2009

I’ve had work done here on three different vehicles in the past year. I’ve found them to be very competent, timely and fairly priced. I’m going to continue to take my vehicles here and I would recommend them highly.

– Allan O Feb 28 2011

They work miracles!!!!!!!    So willing to help. Amazing Mechanics. Completely satisfied every time.

– Soccer Mom Oct 23 2010

The absolute BEST work! If they can’t figure it out…they‘re tenacious enough to research the problem, UNTIL they can get R dun! :)

– Norma S 10/07/2014